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Online Marketing Services

Our online marketing services include both measures taken for improving website usability, for example maximizing lead generation as well as activities for optimizing both the quality and the coverage of the project.

We generate high-quality and interesting content and use it specifically for meeting the target customer’s interests.

The goal for communication studio is to tailor each marketing and communication plan to the individual needs of the company in question.
A thorough situation analysis is the essential precondition for the development of ideas, which are customized for the specific requirements of our clients and their target audience, as well as the desired markets. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is available on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and provides great possibilities and potentials for companies to reach their customers in order to communicate with them or to attract new customers.

communication studio beholds expertise to publicize a brand explicitly to make you shine via popular social networking platforms. We adopt business-focused approach & profit-driven tactics to encourage brand visibility and step up business credibility among active social media users.
A social networking channel stands as a powerful medium to connect potential customers, strengthen online presence & serve countless opportunities to discuss the target audience and learn their interests in building a consistent social relationship.

Each Step of the way we will be building new rankings, generating tweets, Facebook content, blog content, testing this data and optimizing. All the results will be tangible through the use of Google analytic and other tools we use in house to grade your performance.

communication studio can help with planning, writing, posting and engagement! We ensure that branding is consistent across all your channels by generating coordinated and meaningful content for each social media.

Social media networks have become so popular around the world that it has become a pool of limitless potential for businesses to connect directly with leads and clients, establishing brands and companies as trusted resources while building business-client relationships.


Sales Funnel Marketing

Customized Sales Funnels to boost your ROAS & Marketing ROI. Convert visitors into high-paying customers.

A Sales Funnel is effectively the journey that you take your prospective customers and website visitors through before they become a paying customer. A highly effective sales funnel is structured in a way that increases trust and credibility with your audience over-time to boost sales and conversions. We provide digital performance marketing for your business!


Lead Sales Funnel

The Lead Sales Funnel is for anyone who sells through conversations, attracting clients, often for a service or direct sale of higher-priced offerings. The aim of the funnel is to generate potential buyers as pre-qualified and pre-informed leads. 


Automated Sales Funnel

The Automated Sales Funnel will give you the possibility to automatically sell offers online such as online courses, training, seminars, books, etc. Whenever you want to sell directly via a landing page, webinars, videos or emails, without ever intervene personally.

A landing page or website is often the first stage of a Sales Funnel as it will usually be the first interaction a customer has with your business. The entire sales funnel itself can consist of multiple parts all designed to drive more sales and higher conversions such as: lead magnets, automatic email follow up sequences, upsells, webinars and more. There are a number of different platforms that will allow you to create your own landing pages and sales funnels. We mainly work with Active Campaign, which combines the power of email marketing, marketing automation, and sales/CRM automation, for our clients. 

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