Marketing & Brand consulting

We establish high-capacity marketing concepts for our clients through marketing consulting and in addition gladly assume their execution according to your wishes.

The goal for communication studio is to tailor each marketing and communication plan to the individual needs of the company in question.
A thorough situation analysis is the essential precondition for the development of ideas, which are customized for the specific requirements of our clients and their target audience, as well as the desired markets. 

communication studio offers much more in terms of brand consulting than the general corporate design formation. We guide our clients in the brand management from the development of a brand strategy to the implementation of concrete measures, both internally and externally. The effect of the brand is tested with the help of brand controlling.

Corporate Design & Corporate Identity

Another marketing service that communication studio provides is the creation of corporate designs as well as corporate identities for companies, products or services. What is the USP of a company? What are the strengths and how are the market advantages defined? What brand values characterize the company? All these things are prepared in a BRAND HOUSE that also guides the appropriate marketing strategies and sales methods.

For company foundations we provide our clients with the creation of individual logos, claims as well as printed forms for the company through our professional graphic designers. The corporate identity is in addition created for a strongly charactered presentation, both online and offline.
The objective is to achieve an integrated and appealing corporate design that consistently and professionally delivers the image of the business in public. 
communication studio offers a fair start-up package including a company logo, claim, business cards, letterheads as well as a website. 

Marketing  & Communication Concept

In today’s world it is a considerable competitive advantage to develop a targeted and cost optimized marketing and communications concept and to implement it step by step.

At communication studio we develop these concepts individually for our clients within the most cost optimized and effective frameworks. 

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