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Our PR services

We provide full scope integrated strategic public relations & media services. Using our integrated digital strategy we maximize your press coverage. Leveraging our public relations efforts into qualified traffic. Taking a top level approach we immerse ourselves in your brand and work to help execute your business goals.

The following PR services are offered among others: the writing of press statements as well as professional PR consultations, where the clients are strategically placed to generate the intended attention in the public.
In addition to short and long term PR planning, we also offer clients a swift and regular media mentoring. Depending on the product or service, the thematically relevant print, online, TV and social media is approached to reach the desired audience. This can be achieved in the form of PR clippings, press editorials, event co-operations etc.

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Events and Press Conferences

To leave a lasting and convincing impression nothing beats personally experienced emotions. Communication studio has precisely for this reason been making a name for themselves in the event business. Each event is individually planned with the clients and tailored to fit the desired vision of the company.

We take care of the entire planning as well as negotiations for our clients and compile an extraordinary event with a highlight filled agenda. 

Intensive public relations to national and international representatives of the press as well as planning and execution of press conferences, radio and television interviews are further factors for successful press work for your company.

communication studio takes over the responsibilities of the spokesperson or press office with as high a quality requirement as a staff member of your company.

Digital Influencer Marketing

communication studio helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers. We develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach thousands of people.

We bring your brand story to life through harnessing the power of authentic connections.

We create the most authentic connection between a brand and an influencer using our unique and longstanding expertise. We then develop and execute these strategies to amplify your brand story at scale.

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